For me only

This post is only for me to write the posts.

This is page template


  • path: /for-me-only (must have): path of the post/page.
  • title: For me only (must have): post/page's title.
  • template: page (or post, must have).
  • subtitle: This page is only for me to write the posts. (optional): a short description of the post/page.
  • date: 2020-01-25: date, used only for posts, not for pages.
  • icon: "../../src/images/header/notes.png" and all icon must be placed at /src/images/header/.
  • iconFA: "{icon: "pencil-ruler", color: "#ffd661"}" if you wanna use FontAwesome. Remember to add the icon to FontAwesomeThi.js. You can ignore the color attribute, in this case color white will be use as default.

If you wanna add more frontmatter attributes:

  • Add it in all templates in /src/templates/.
  • Add it in gatsby-node.js if needed.

Check the data at http://localhost:8000/___graphql.